Program :

45min - 1h per session

2x week for 12 weeks

50% of the profits will be donated to an association of war wounded.

This training program is dedicated to people who are looking to train in simple conditions. It aims to develop your physical qualities and your ability to apply strength on functional exercises.

Here we are not trying to develop extremely technical weightlifting or gymnastics gestures. What we want is to be operational and physically ready.

The necessary equipment is extremely simple and the programmation is not set in stone. Adapt all the exercises to your material constraints. The objective is to give you a guideline that is totally adaptable to your training conditions whether you are at home or on an outdoor operation.

This programming is also suitable for people who wish to prepare for entrance exams to the army, police or fire brigade.

If you are already part of these forces and wish to reach a physical level allowing you to qualify for the elite selection contact us directly.