Mental imagery technique to achieve a goal

👁️ Visualization in sport is a mental imagery technique used to improve performance by imagining specific situations, tests or movements.

It’s about focusing on related sensations, emotions or feelings. It’s a skill that can be trained and developed through conscious practice.

⏱️ Using it to your advantage can be time-consuming, but it can be very effective.

➕ What’s more, this technique is completely transferable to everyone’s daily life and can therefore bring many positive points: it can help boost self-confidence, develop concentration and reduce stress and anxiety about the situations you have to face It can improve decision-making, as well as help overcome obstacles that are limiting factors.

Putting it into practice

To put it into practice, you can start by imagining yourself in the key moment of a lift and focusing on the sensations you feel when you’re actually lifting (contraction zone, key positioning point, contact point, performance elements…).

Try to trace the chronology of the movement.

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