The World series of Fitness Racing

With over 40 international races in 2023, 90,000 athletes and 50,000 spectators… Welcome to the Fitness Racing Championship!

Hyrox is a benchmark race that brings together thousands of competitors from all over the world. The event aims to highlight hybrid athletes by alternating running and functional movements: to perform, you need strength, speed and power, but also ENDURANCE!

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WAATH x Hyrox programming

We Are Athletic offers you a specific cycling program, with 3 sessions a week, to prepare you for the event.

In addition, the format alternates between running and functional movements, making our program ideal for anyone wishing to follow a generalized physical preparation plan without overly complex technical movements.
In fact, the superposition of anaerobic movements on aerobic groundwork promises to build your physical fitness to the limit.

With the HYROX by Waath program, we offer you a programme combining running, the movements of a typical event, other movements to broaden the spectrum of development and vary the vectors of fatigue, and a strength base to improve your performance and prepare you as well as possible.