2PM classroom training

January 13 and 14 at WAATH HQ

This development of skills will enable you to further expand your offer and the service you can provide to each of your customers.

Join Guillaume at WAATH HQ in Hyères for a training session on this theme that is so close to our hearts:



Many of your customers suffer or will suffer from musculoskeletal disorders due to anterior-posterior or lateral imbalances, or past traumas whose consequences have been neglected.


Coach / doctor

Without taking the place of medical advice, the sports coach’s eye for detail and the knowledge he or she has acquired through this training enable him or her to improve the patient’s health and quality of life on a daily basis.



This training course will teach you the different causes that can lead to pathologies in your customers, as well as how to detect them and set up coherent training plans adapted to each situation.


more than a step towards your new skills