We are Shredded Remote Camp


Participate in our 3 month training camp specially dedicated to dry and cardio, with a 3 axis based approach :

- food with a personalized diet

- sports with real planning and regular training.

- psychological with a daily follow-up for 3 months


The Concept :

- A personalized diet for each participant, with follow-up and readjustment throughout the duration of the camp

- A weighing every Monday morning to measure your adipose tissue throughout the camp

- 1 hour of training per day at the box. 5 d/7.

- Closed Facebook group for follow-up and daily support in your progress.

If you can't train on any of the 5 days, you will have work to do outside the gym. This will not require any equipment, it will be a matter of compensation for not being able to do the session in the box.

Cardio-training, weight training, outdoor jogging, boxing, you will never have had such a varied workout!

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Adhérent Exceed Hyères – 289€, Non adhérent Exceed Hyères – 529€

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