from scaled

to RX in 1 year

from zero to hero

prog by guillaume guillou and benjamin hennequin


improve yourself in Crossfit

Do you often get stuck in front of a barre? Do you have a problem with certain movements in the gym? Do you feel that your progress is slowing down?

If you’ve decided you really want to take CrossFit to the next level, choose From Zero to Hero!


12 month, 4 CYCLES

  1. development of upper body strength and weightlifting fundamentals.
  2. upper body strength + semi technical movement integration weightlifting amplitude of movement.
  3. complex gym movements + accentuation of strength work
  4. Road to RX


You follow your programming throughout the 12 months. You regularly post videos of your training on our Facebook group where Benjamin Hennequin and I are available to advise you and correct your movements.

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