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WAATH Gymnastic Progression

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In CrossFit, gymnastics is the mastery of movements of such a specificity that you must integrate a progression defined in a very precise way according to your level at the time.


become RX

It’s all about mastering the Muscle-ups and the Handstand Walk. And that’s what we offer you here, by putting a 100% gym-oriented progression at your disposal.


How does it work ?


We offer you a progression through four blocks of training. To consider that you have mastered one block you must be able to perform 10 repetitions of an exercise with perfect technique. Each week you will complete 2 sessions, each lasting between 45 minutes and 1 hour, and this for 12 weeks.


the solution for mastering everything in the gym

THE GYM pack

By buying all the Gym blocks at once,

you save 30% on the whole !

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