WAATH Jeux Hyères 2K21

Les inscriptions sont lancées

les 17-18 juillet prochain

Team de 2 HH ou HF

Standards habituels

Chez Exceed à Hyères

become a real athlete


prog by guillaume guillou and benjamin hennequin


competition is yours

You know, in Crossfit, you have to be good in all areas, and that’s what we offer you here, thanks to the best prog’ on this topic and a personalized coaching !


12 months of training

This is the ultimate programming, which contains everything you need to become a fully fit athlete :

Dumbell Strength Cycle – Skills Gymnastics – Metabolic Conditionning.


How does it work?

You follow your programming throughout the 12 months. We work your weaknesses as well as your strengths. You post your training videos regularly on our Facebook group.

choose our ultimate program

 WAATH tips

By registering here, you will receive all our tips to become a true athlete, have a healthier lifestyle and improve your performance.

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