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You have tendinopathy in your shoulder and you want to get better on your 1RM back squat? You think you’re bad at snatch? You want to do your first pull-up or your first muscle-up? If you’re facing a physical problem, we have a solution for you!


personalized program

Once we’ve taken stock of your situation, we set up an 8-week program that addresses your problem in a targeted manner. It will include muscle strengthening, mobility and training.


Goal achieved

Up until now, all those who have completed the program are satisfied with the results. Goals have been achieved 100% of the time, and that is the ambition we have at WAATH.

after their consultation

they tell you everything

Before my appointment with Guillaume, I had severe shoulder pain. I could warm-up 20 minutes before each session, but nothing worked… In terms of mobility, I was 15cm above my feet when I bent down (it was impossible for me to touch my outstretched legs). For 2 months, I applied his advice, and guess what: no more shoulder pain and mobility that increases day by day. Perfect, thank you Guillaume

Willy B.

At first I was a little skeptical about the efficiency of a single coaching session, and moreover from a distance …

Except that it’s neither time nor quantity, but rather the competence of the coach and the quality of the advice given that really matters. Thanks to this consultation, my daily life has improved enormously: I can feel it in the usual gestures and movements such as carrying a water pack, bending down, climbing stairs…

I feel better in my body and pain is becoming less and less frequent.


With a goal of improving my back squat, I applied the advice I received during my consultation with Guillaume during 4 weeks. The idea was to pass the RX level of this exercise. After the end of the 4th week, I wanted to test myself on a 3×5 in back squat (140 kg). I had very good sensations, with a good activation of the buttocks and quadriceps, and above all, no parasitic pain! Next…


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