Getting the best out of yourself and optimizing your physical condition depends on many factors : nutrition, cardio training, muscle building, gymnastics. At WAATH, we don’t think like everyone else, and here’s how we think you should approach the subject.


Obviously this is your priority. Understand this, use the right foods and your performance and quality of life will increase naturally.

We’ve already told you : you don’t use diesel to run a Ferrari !

Muscle Strengthening

This is where it gets complicated. In our opinion, strength, muscular reinforcement, functional bodybuilding are the essence of our favorite practice.

The injury

If you get injured at practice or during WOD, put it on the account :

  • from your coach (not the topic of the day)
  • of your poor execution of the movement
  • of your musculature too weak compared to the work you put him through.

We often read or hear that metabolic conditioning, gymnastics and weightlifting are the priorities in our sport. It is precisely during these exercises that you expose yourself to injury.

If the muscles surrounding the tendons in your shoulders are sufficiently developed, then your kipping will not be a problem.


Do you know Thérèse 73 years old at the EPHAD of Hyères les Palmiers? She has been running all her life! You wouldn’t want to find yourself in front of a cardio like hers on a MURPH.

Therese hurt her knee 10 years ago. She has neglected her rehabilitation and her musculature has only diminished over time. She has not been able to get up on her own for a year now and died this morning.

You lose 15% muscle strength every decade and when you can no longer stand up, your average life expectancy is less than 2 years.

The pyramid of movement, according to WAATH.

Don’t forget that before moving for a long time, you have to be able to move.

Here’s our vision :

Pyramide WAATH

It’s not a question of squatting 200 kilos before starting cardio work.

Just understand the importance of building muscle mass. It is your priority as an athlete.

You will work on your endurance in a second step.

If you are a confirmed competitor and have already completed all these steps, here is a little more gift information :


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